County Technical Assistance Service


Promoting better county government through direct assistance to county officials and their associations

County Technical Assistance Services (CTAS) provides technical consulting and training to assist officials in all areas of county government operations – from transportation and solid waste issues to capital building project budgets and legal issues. CTAS also offers assistance in every aspect of county government finance— budgeting, purchasing, investing, debt management, insurance and risk management.

Legal Services

CTAS attorneys author many CTAS publications, draft and review legislative proposals, monitor General Assembly action, and compile the private acts of each county. These lawyers also respond to questions and issue written legal opinions.

Information Technology

CTAS information technology and regional field consultants assess IT needs and advise county officials on specifications and bidding. They also help troubleshoot when counties encounter technical issues. CTAS also offers Geographic Information System (GIS) services to help counties use this data management tool.

Highway Services

CTAS helps highway departments prepare certifications of county road revenues, develop and maintain computerized road lists, analyze project costing and inventory management, and develop bid specifications for needed equipment.

Public Safety

Officials across Tennessee turn to the CTAS criminal justice, jail management and fire safety consultants for assistance in law enforcement, jail operations, facility and staffing needs evaluations, and employee and volunteer training.

Environmental Services

CTAS environmental consultants provide information on recycling, solid waste collection, and landfill management. This work has become more important as counties cope with an increased number of state and federal environmental regulations.

CTAS Electronic Library (e-Li)

The CTAS electronic library, or e-Li for short, contains all the information formerly found in CTAS county publications. The information is organized by topic and is easily searchable making it a great way to find answers to questions about Tennessee county government. General topics are listed on the left navigation bar. View sub-topics by moving the cursor over a topic. You can find specific information by using the Ask e-Li search function. e-Li can be found on the CTAS website. For easy and quick access to e-Li, bookmark the CTAS mobile web site.

Research and Analysis

CTAS provides statistical research and analysis of county revenues and expenditures, debt capabilities, state shared taxes, state appropriations, school funding and BEP, and other related financial matters pertaining to the operation of county governments.


CTAS training staff administers the County Officials Certificate Training Program (COCTP), provides specialized training when needed or requested, and provides just-in-time training on hot topics and informational sessions on topics of interest to county officials.

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