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The Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership Online Training provides relevant and quality training for everyone involved in state and local government anytime, anywhere. Regardless of your location, regardless of the time of day, if you have access to a computer and the Internet, you have access to Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership Online Training.

For questions about NCEL Online Training please contact Patrick Mills at or 865-974-6624.

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Foundations to Leadership Lv 1-3

$150 for each level or $350 for entire 3-level suite (75 Hours)

This certificate will give you proven techniques that will enhance your skills to make better decisions, resolve conflicts, improve employee performance and lead change throughout your organization.

Fundamentals in Management Lv 1-3

$150 for each level or $350 for entire 3-level suite (90 Hours)

This certificate will provide you an overview of how to manage teams, day-to-day operations, a diverse workforce, marketing and strategy.

Administrative Professional Leadership

$150 for Certificate (18 Hours)

This administrative certificate will give you techniques to enhance your customer service, time management, and event planning skills.

Customer Service Professionalism

$150 for Certificate (12 Hours)

This certificate will give you current techniques on how to improve your customer service skills and overall professional image.

HR Fundamentals

$150 for Certificate (20 Hours)

This human resource certificate will give insight and practice to real-world application. Whether you are new to HR, an accomplished HR practitioner, or an HR leader these courses can help you grow professionally and work more effectively.

Foundations of Marketing Communications

$150 for Certificate (17 Hours)

This flexible marketing certificate is designed for professionals looking to develop skills in market research and analysis, customer development, and strategic brand management. Whether you are an experienced marketing professional or an emerging leader, this certificate provides you with strategic and data-driven marketing training you need to make strong business decisions and position your organization for success.

Maximizing the Mentor Experience

$75 for Certificate (4 Hours)

In this certificate, participants will learn how to overcome the most common challenges faced in mentoring programs and mentoring relationships and how to resolve these challenges most effectively.

Conflict Management for Leaders

$75 for Certificate (7 Hours)

This certificate will equip you to solve issues within your workplace and successfully navigate challenging conversations with direct reports, peers, or supervisors where emotions often run high and positive outcomes are critical.

Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders

$75 for Certificate (5 Hours)

This certificate can help make your organization a supportive and engaging place to work by understanding the processes that impact how people interact with one another. You will look at employee engagement, then identifying unconscious bias and specific diversity and inclusion strategies. This program is appropriate for anyone committed to building a truly diverse and inclusive work culture.

Career Paths for Public Sector Employees

$75 for Certificate (8 Hours)

This certificate is designed for someone in the public sector who wants to improve their career path though interview techniques, setting professional goals and taking charge of his or her career.