Tennessee Government Executive Institute

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Tennessee Government Executive Institute

The Tennessee Government Executive Institute program will be held at the University of Tennessee Conference Center in Knoxville. Tennessee government faces many changes every year. To meet the task, it is crucial for our leaders to manage new challenges and successfully guide our state into the future. In light of this responsibility, for more than 25 years, TGEI has helped prepare state government leaders for public service and stewardship.

Each year approximately 30 state government leaders are chosen to participate in TGEI. The main focus of TGEI is to build partnerships among the departments of state government and to increase the leadershipknowledge and skill of state leaders. TGEI will offer state government senior-level managers the opportunity to broaden their perspectives of executive responsibility through study, analysis and discussion.

TGEI participants should have broad administrative, supervisory/managerial, and fiscal responsibility. The cohesion and networking of leaders from various state agencies will result in a more effective and productive Tennessee government. The TGEI experience and the resulting network of TGEI alumni are designed to nurture these relationships and provide a forum for open communication among state agencies.


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