Goals for the CPM Program


Overarching Program Goal:

Help public managers improve the performance of their departments or organizations.

Overarching Program Themes:

  • Adopt an outcome perspective to managerial behavior
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • This is the essence of strategic planning
  • Learn to think and manage strategically
  • Lead change efforts for organizational improvement
  • Further develop conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • Create measures of individual and organizational performance, and monitor continuously
  • Think first in terms of desired outcomes and results and then adopt activities and processes to achieve those results
  • Acquire a toolkit of techniques for defining and measuring outcomes.
  • Use measures to document progress, identify performance deficiencies, and improve performance.
  • Learn to apply these techniques in our current work environment to problems and issues that we face right now.
  • Develop and enhance interpersonal skills.
  • Managing and supervising is getting work accomplished through others
  • Good interpersonal relations and communications are required to make items in our performance toolkit effective

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