Certified Public Manager Launches

The Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership is very excited about the first few classes of the inaugural Certified Public Manager (CPM) program here in Tennessee!  The class consists of participants from federal, state, and local governments and offer a transformative experience to all associated with the program.  The hybrid curriculum promises to be dynamic, engaging, and very doable for busy working professionals.  From the first class, the participants completed a leadership characteristic assessment called the CPI 260 that illustrates how others perceive you.  This assessment lays the groundwork for the program by preparing the participants of areas that need improvement and other traits that need a little refining.  Mac Purdy, Director at Williamson County Emergency Management Agency and current participant said recently, “The CPI 260 Assessment was a great way to start the program and I am excited to learn more about management and improve my leadership skills.  My agency is already seeing a return on their investment because of my participation in the Tennessee CPM program.  I highly recommend this program!”

CPM is a nationally accredited management program and certification in which participants develop and strengthen their management skills through competency based curriculum and activities.  The program can fill a training gap for staff with significant technical expertise who seek to further their knowledge of current management practices.

The Tennessee CPM program meets every month this year and will host a graduation in January 2019.  Upon completion of the program, candidates will have completed a capstone project that focuses on an area at their agency that needs improvement.  The candidate will present these projects at the last class, December 14, 2018.  All IPS employees are invited to attend these presentations.  Other CPM agencies have reported graduates implementing capstone projects with huge success.  One agency reported saving 12 million dollars in tax revenue because of the research conducted by a CPM candidate in a capstone project.  The Naifeh center is anticipating another cohort to start in July 2018 in Nashville because of the large quantity of interest in middle Tennessee.