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Who is NCEL?

The Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership (NCEL) is an agency within the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service. With offices in Knoxville and Nashville, we serve all Tennesseans.

Our expertise has helped thousands of dedicated professionals in public service improve their leadership skills. NCEL promotes creative leadership skills. NCEL promotes creative leadership, managerial effectiveness, professional skills enhancement and lifelong development for individuals and their organizations.


Does my team have to be based in Nashville or
Knoxville to work with NCEL?
No! We serve all Tennesseans and travel throughout
the state to provide leadership and professional
development training.

My team is not in state government, can I still
contract with NCEL?
Yes! While we are unique in serving state                                                    
government, we also work with local and federal
agencies as well as non-profit and private sector

Does NCEL only do multi-day training’s/
No! NCEL will work with you and your agency to
determine the best training solution. It may be a oneday
class is all your organization needs!

What are some examples of training’s offered
by NCEL?
NCEL has partnered with a number of agencies
to provide training on: mentoring, strength based
leadership, conflict management, time management,
emotional intelligence and maximizing productivity –
just to name a few.